Expert Advice & Training


Expert Advice is part of The Platinum Network portfolio of products & services. The Platinum Network has teamed up with Mohr World Consulting to create a safe platform to connect industry experts with members of PNET. The experts offer their consulting & coaching services to individuals and businesses. From one-to-one sessions to group training sessions, to customized virtual roundtables, we are here to help you in your road to excellence. If you want to discuss your needs, contact us.

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If you are interested in this service, Login (or Sign-up), go to the Expert Advice page and follow the simple instructions.

If you want to be one of our featured experts, Login (or Sign-up), establish your profile page and go to our Expert Advice page to get more information. We will then ask you to fill a form online with more information from you and we will send you more details for your perusal.

One-to-One Sessions

Our one-to-one sessions are timed meetings between an expert and one interested member. The member, after checking the expert’s qualifications, decides to set up an appointment to ask questions, discuss information, seek advice, etc. We are proud of our experts and offer a money-back guarantee.

Group Training

Our Group Training sessions are offered as predetermined virtual courses, offered by the PNET expert(s) to a group of individuals, employees of a company, members of an association, etc.  Using a virtual setting our expert(s) deliver the course and attendees are able to learn, ask questions, get course materials and then take an online quiz, independently, and get a Certificate of Completion. Our predetermined courses can be tailored to specific needs. Contact us.

Virtual Roundtables

As we develop our public Virtual Roundtables (VRTs) we have gained important experience in the needs & desires of our industry and we now offering companies, groups, associations, etc. the possibility of developing these customized roundtables geared to their employees, members, or invitees. If you as a company want to offer a new service to existing partners, clients, vendors, etc. a VRT is probably the best choice. We will team-up with you to moderate, find panelists and/or develop the VRT.